This 3-day course is aimed at those involved at every level who require underpinning knowledge of Explosion protection methods, installation, inspection and maintenance of certified electrical and Non Electrical equipment, In addition to a clear understanding of current European legislation and associated safe practices including hazardous Area Classification, Equipment Ignition Risk Assessment and Workplace Risk Assessment.


ATEX Legislative Overview | An introduction to the ATEX Product(2014/34/EU, formerly 94/9/EC) and User(99/92/EC) Directives

Hazardous Area Terminology and Risk Management Principles | Terminology, Definitions and Principles of Area Classification

Flameproof Exd Protection Concept | Overview of IEC/EN 60079-1, Explanation of protection concept, installation, inspection and maintenance requirements, in addition to safety critical design features

Intrinsically Safe Exi Protection Concept | Explanation of protection concept, installation/inspection requirements, associated apparatus, simple apparatus and IS systems

Non-Incendive Exn Protection Concept | Overview of IEC/EN 60079-15, Explanation of protection concepts ExnA, ExnR and ExnC


Overview of Other Protection Concepts | An overview of Exp, Exo, Exm and Ext

Installation and Inspection Requirements | Overview of IEC/EN 60079-14 & IEC/EN 60079-17 covering the key points not already covered in previous modules

Equipment Glanding | An overview of glanding requirements for Exd, Exe and Exn equipment

Retrospective Ignition Risk Assessment for Non-Electrical Equipment | EN 1127-1 & EN 13463-1 Overview applied to existing uncertified equipment

Hazardous Area Workplace Risk Assessment and Safe Practice | How to assess and effectively manage risks within potentially explosive atmospheres through safe practice

Demonstrating Compliance, Effective Explosion Protection Document (EPD) Development


Area Classification of Combustible Dust Atmospheres | An Overview of EN 60079-10-2 (2009)

Area Classification of Gas, Vapour and Mist Atmospheres | An Overview IEC/EN 60079-10-1(2009)

Area Classification Release Rate Examples | Release Rate Calculations for Flammable Liquids, Gases and Vapours

Area Classification Assessment of Ventilation Examples | Examples Applying Annex B EN 60079-10-1

An Introduction To and the Use of Area Classification Industry Codes | The Application of Industry Codes in Area Classification

Post Course Assessment

All course attendees receive a detailed course manual for reference.